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Peter Wright regards the publication of Ribbon of Wildness as the crowning glory to an immensely varied and prolific range of activity over many years.  Aged 64, he is married, lives in Linlithow and is very proud of his 3 grown-up offspring, and one granddaughter. He is rather proud too, of being one of a diminishing number of people who left school (legitimately, as he points out), at the age of 14. A Liberal Studies course at Newbattle Abbey College was truly life-changing, and set him on course for a career in youth work. The key ethic of volunteering has been a central part of his life for over 4 decades - `it is volunteering that makes the world go round` he often enthuses.

Peter was one of the founders of what was then Youth in Trust within the National Trust for Scotland, and of Thistle Camps.  He was awarded the George Waterston Memorial Award for his contribution, to what have since become well established parts of what the NTS does. In his `day-job`, he was for 20 years, manager of the Duke of Edinburgh`s Award in the Edinburgh area, and transformed its delivery, to countless numbers of young people of every ability, and was awarded the MBE for this endeavour in this. He established Friends of the Award in Edinburgh and the Lothians. On a more historical note, he was co-founder of the Victorian Schoolroom (HEC Trust), and undertook the immense challenge of restoring Niddry Castle in West Lothian. Environmental youth work is close to his heart, so he created award winning The Green Team, of which he is now honorary Patron, and played an active part in the early development of the rapidly expanding John Muir Award.

Walking the Watershed of Scotland in 2005 was achieved in the nick of time, as angina and the need for a triple heart bypass came in hot pursuit of this epic venture.  But now fully recovered, he has been delighted to be able to progress the Ribbon of Wildness project, and looks forward to making it happen over the next few years, as he sees his role as a kind of  `chapman o` the muckle mairch`.

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