In Big Demand

Everyone loves a good story - well that certainly seems to be the case, judging by the ever growing number of requests for these illustrated talks. With a short gap over the summer, then it all kicks off again in September, with bookings right through to April 2012. The range of different types of organisation is very varied - outdoor interests, libraries, camera club, archeology, church groups, natural science, education, book festivals, and local interest, show the diversity of appeal which Ribbon of Wildness is generating. From Langholm near the Border, to Grantown on Spey, and many places between, the interest shows no sign of flagging.

At present, these talks are provided free, and a particular `Meet the Author` offer has been made to secondary schools in the central belt.

What the audiences take form these talks is equally varied. For some, it is a call to get their boots on and venture out to enjoy something of what the Watershed has to offer, whilst for others it will relate to some specialist interest. `Making connections` seems to be a recurrent response, with walkers and climbers linking the places they have been, in an entirely new way. And re-kindling fond memories of days-out enables those who are no longer able, to enjoy once again an earlier passion.

The author is simply delighted to be able to generate such a variety of interest, and the opportunity to promote wider awareness of the wonders of the Watershed of Scotland.