Book 3 - Nature`s Peace is Taking Shape in the Year of Natural Scotland

With a target for publication in September of this year, Nature`s Peace is progressing well. As a full-colour hardback volume, it will provide a dramatic celebration of the landscapes of the Watershed of Scotland. It will add to the many events and ways in which the Year of Natural Scotland is being marked throughout the country.

As the third in what will eventually become the Ribbon of Wildness quartet of books, Nature`s Peace will introduce the splendour of the Watershed to an ever widening audience. The full geographic spread from Peel Fell on the English border to Unst in Shetland, by way of Duncansby Head will be portrayed in a unique collection of some 170 colour photographs. Providing a tantalising journey, the combination of text and images will enable readers to visualise the immensity and variety of wilder landscapes that are the Watershed.