The Books

  • Book 1: Ribbon of Wildness: Discovering the Watershed of Scotland - 2010
  • Book 2: Walking with Wildness: Experiencing the Watershed of Scotland - 2012
  • Book 3: Nature`s Peace: A Celebration of the Landscapes of the Watershed - 2013

The genesis of Ribbon of Wildness lay in the author’s largely solo walk along the geographic watershed of Scotland in 2005. But that `completion` was by no means the end of the journey. In the 64 days of solitude with nature that he experienced, he sought to identify the single thread that somehow bound it all together; the essence of the Watershed. Within this contemplation, he chanced upon the almost continuous relative wildness of the terrain he traversed. Subsequent research identified that this assertion bore much wider scrutiny.

Ribbon of Wildness– Discovering the Watershed of Scotland provides a rich mix of narrative which will have widespread appeal; from the armchair reader to the outdoor enthusiast, the social or environmental historian to the avid mountaineer, and a great many others.  It equally, serves to define the geographic Watershed of Scotland for the first time, and describes its absolutely central place in our landscape. It calls up all of the evidence to support the notion of continuous wildness, and explores our interaction with this, more hostile of habitats, over a long period of time. The meaning of hill names is explored, literary references picked up along the way, the weather is a recurrent theme, and all of the designated areas identified; all supporting the notion of wildness and the importance of biodiversity.

Whilst the book is structured as a journey from south to north, it is so much more than just the account of a journey – it weaves in a tantalising array of interest and incident. It gives many appealing anecdotal snippets on what it is like to walk and camp high on, the Watershed. And it poses questions for the future - it is not an end in itself  - but will be the start of a new and immensely enriching journey, both literal and metaphorical, for many of its` readers. Are there any threats to the wildness of the Watershed, and how can it be enhanced or even protected?  Can it generate a `community of interest` around its continuous wildness? Will walking the Watershed become the next `great challenge`, or at the other end of the spectrum, does it offer the potential for a spiritual experience with nature? And finally, can the organisational structure be created which will enable the Watershed to be enjoyed, appreciated and protected for the future.

`No other journey through Scotland gives so sublime a sense of unity - a feeling of how the Nation`s various different landscapes link together to form a coherent whole`.  The Scotsman

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