In a Bookshop

Sitting in a real bookshop yesterday afternoon, waiting, not unsuccessfully, for people to come and buy copies of my own, was a special experience. The signing table was stationed in the fiction section, so had an array of re-published classics on the one hand, and more contemporary literary creations on the other. There was of course time to browse and to ponder. Familiar titles, which I had enjoyed sometime along the way, were ranked alongside others that I`d put somewhere on the `must read` list, that lurks in my mind.

The Write Stuff

‚ÄčThe journey, from leaving school at the age of fourteen all those years ago to published author is a biographical tale that would almost merit a whole book in itself, and for that purpose alone. But this blog will bypass most of milestones and chapters of that personal epic, and just pick-up around the time when the possibility of turning to writing somehow came into sight. They say that `you should write about what you know about`, so I ventured into the one thing about which I may know rather more than most: the Watershed of Scotland. Safe territory. 

A Decade-on From That Watershed Epic; My Compelling Journey Continues

Every footfall on my epic was an interaction with the dramatic wilder landscape of Scotland`s Watershed. For the route that I was following had been created entirely by the forces of Nature; it gave no concession whatever to human convenience.

Determined to tackle the walk solo, I had to be largely self-reliant; to camp-high, and to carry all life`s needs on my back.

Early Outing for 2011

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