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Never In My Wildest Dreams

Every single year since it was first published Ribbon of Wildness: Discovering the Watershed of Scotland has needed a new print-run: 2015 continues this demand-driven pattern. Copies of the fifth print-run have now arrived from the warehouse, and will be available in book-outlets throughout the country in the very near future. 

Novel View of Scottish Landscapes in New Facebook Page

Friends and followers are now joining-in the Watershed story by adding their own photo-posts of places that they have experienced upon the Ribbon of Wildness. So many people who go out for a walk or a climb have the means in their pocket, to take evocative photographs of the places they have visited, and perhaps the people they were with. Be it phone or camera, it has never been easier to keep a record of the place and the event.

Sellout of Fourth Re-print

Demand for Ribbon of Wildness has never faltered. Each year since its publication in 2010 it has been necessary to order-up a reprint, and 2015 will be no different. Meantime, the stock of copies in the warehouse has reached zero, with the last few copies of the 4th re-print now received in readiness for the Green Team talk on Thursday 26th March.

Ribbon of Wildness Slide Show by Keith Brame

Award winning photographer Keith Brame has now created a slide show from his own Ribbon of Wildness Collection. These breath-taking photographs will add much to popular appreciation of the beauty and variety of the Watershed landscapes.

You will enjoy the show . . .

Scotland`s Watershed Features on New Maps Website

Growing public interest in the Watershed of Scotland is being assisted in many different ways, and here in: it takes its place amongst a variety of novel maps on this new website. This innovative facility adds a valuable new dimesion to the ways in which people will discover something of the unique qualities of Scotland`s Watershed landscapes, and the challenges which the terrain presents.

Ribon of Wildness Show Comes to Eastgate Arts Centre

All roads lead to the Eastgate Arts Centre in Peebles on Thursday 7th August. The author will be presenting a fine selection of the Nature`s Peace Collection of photographs, and talking about his epic walk at this public event at 7.30 p.m. He will focus in particular on the parts of the Watershed, or Ribbon of Wildness which meander through the hills of the Scottish Borders, and take the audience to these areas on his evocative journey.

Ribbon of Wildness One - Reiver March: The Movie

Get a great new insight to the Reiver March of the great Watershed of Scotland - just open this link to see a full colour 3 minute `movie`. The journey takes on a whole new vista.

Then obtain your own copy of Nature`s Peace, or Ribbon of Wildness, to get the full story.


Ribbon of Wildness One - The Riever March

Scottish Book Trust - Funded Talks Opportunity

A great opportunity has now arisen for organisations, groups and schools, following the Ribbon of Wildness trilogy author`s registration with Scottish Book Trust Live Literature scheme. Open the link to see his profile, and the route to fully funded talks, events and workshops:

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