Talk on Tuesday 20th to be on CCTV

Auchlochan Retirement Village in Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, is the setting for a new style of Watershed talk - not only will there be an audience in the Douglas Suite hall, but the presentation will also be `broadcast` on the CCTV system, bringing it into every one of the homes in the community. So the talk on the evening of Tuesday 20th August, which will be number 130 in the schedule, will also see an entirely new way of bringing the experience to a potentially wider local audience.

Sold Out.

Ribbon of Wildness is, once again, sold out, and there are no copies left in the warehouse. So time to have it re-printed, yet again. This is a very good sign, as it shows that this highly original book is still very much in demand.

On a recent visit to the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh, Ribbon of Wildness was on full display in the shop. The John Muir Trust`s new Wild Space venue in Pitlochry has sold nine copies in as many weeks. With Chris Townsend`s recent Watershed walk, he has been very clear in his blog and other forms of publicity where the inspiration for the journey came from - Ribbon of Wildness, no less.

Intrepid Chris Townsend Reaches Duncansby Head

It must have been with a great sense of anticipation that a lone figure made his way northwards along the cliff-top to Duncansby Head on the evening of Monday 22nd July. He had set off from Peel Fell on the English border on 29th May, and with only a few breaks for re-stocking food and supplies, had walked for 56 days, covering over 1,160km, and experienced both the landform and landscapes of Scotland in an entirely new way. Many thoughts crowded-in for him as he covered that final moorland terrain, with the bog-cotton heads nodding in the breeze, as if to salute his achievement.

Chris Townsend Has Reached The Fannichs

Chris Townsend Has Reached The Fannichs

Summer Day in a Remote Area

Loch Calavie with Ben Dronaig to the left. West of the head of Loch Monar

Just imagine having this view when you open your tent in the morning! Panorama for breakfast . . . 

South Glenshiel - A Munroist`s Paradise

Here it is right on the Watershed. South Glenshiel Ridge (photo: Marie Lainton)


Cloud Inversion at White Hill

One of the delightful tricks of Nature - a cloud inversion . . . 


Summertime at Loch Skeen

Here is another image from the collection - Loch Skeen from the hills above, on a bright warm sunny day . . .

Photographs for Nature`s Peace

Nature`s Peace - Celebrating the Landscapes of the Watershed

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