Photographers Wanted!

Sourcing all of the 170 - 180 images that are needed in order to do justice to the full spectrum of the Watershed, as it will be presented and celebrated in Nature`s Peace, provides budding photographers with a great opportunity to contribute to a book which will play a significant part in the John Muir Centenary. If you have a high res camera, really know how to use it, and can create dramatic images, this may be your chance to have something published.

Book 3 - Nature`s Peace is Taking Shape in the Year of Natural Scotland

With a target for publication in September of this year, Nature`s Peace is progressing well. As a full-colour hardback volume, it will provide a dramatic celebration of the landscapes of the Watershed of Scotland. It will add to the many events and ways in which the Year of Natural Scotland is being marked throughout the country.

Kindle has Come

Great news: Ribbon of Wildness - Discovering the Watershed of Scotland is now available on Kindle, go to The price for this version is £7.99.

Popular Outdoors Writer Plans to `Walk the Watershed of Scotland`

Events Programme Ends on a High

As yet more people hear of the very simple concept, and immense qualities of the Watershed in our landscapes, the clamour of interest grows inexorably. And so, with the final talk of 2012, to the Edinburgh Branch of the Saltire Society, as slide followed slide upon the screen, the enthusiastic reception was keen.The audience brought their passion for all things Scottish of course, and to that was added, an entirely new dimension to the geography of the country; a new-take on Scotland, no less.

Book Three in the Ribbon of Wildness Series is on the Stocks

Not content with two books on the Ribbon of Wildness (Watershed of Scotland) theme, a third is now under-way. The contract with Luath Press now hangs proudly above the author`s desk, and acts a reminder that there is a tight schedule and a lot of expectation.

Unsolicited Feedback

From the Corstorphine Literary and Geographical Society - first installment:

"Dear Mr Wright,

Walking with Wildness - Experiencing the Watershed of Scotland

Launch of Walking with Wildness

Following the popular success of Ribbon of Wildness, Luath Press has asked for two further books on the Watershed theme. The first of these, Walking with Wildness - Experiencing the Watershed of Scotland, will be published and launched on Wednesday 21st October. This pocket sized book will be a guide to 26 day and weekend walks upon the Watershed.

Autumn Scottish Talks Tour

In autumn 2012 there will be an extensive talks tour throughout much of Scotland. Clubs, Societies, Schools and other groups are invited to request dates within the following schedule.

September   3 - 8       Dundee area.

                   17 - 22   Dumfries and Galloway

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