Chris Townsend is thrilled by both the concept and content of RoW - read it in full in March issue of TGO

Chris Townsend was indulging himself in what he describes as a favourite hobby of browsing in a bookshop, when he chanced upon a copy of Ribbon of Wildness, and was immediately intrigued by it.

As he read, it fired his imagination and he became enthused by the idea of The Watershed as an obvious wilder route for a long distance walk. He picks up on all of the evidence for that wildness contained in the book - elevation, remoteness, number of designated areas, and lack of potential for agriculture, as well as the very appealing description of the terrain and landscape encountered along the way. His conclusion is that it may well catch-on as a challenge for walkers and backpackers, whether for the whole distance, or in smaller sections - perhaps tackling each of the five `Marches` which Ribbon of Wildness introduces.

This article, in the March issue of TGO undoubtedly highlights the distinctive qualities of the Watershed, and its special place in the landscape of Scotland. Townsend shows that he is convinced by the geographic rationalle set out in the book, and used to define it. Like many, he is surprised that this had not been done before, in this way. Looking ahead though, he can see the immense potential in it. 

In conclusion he says `The Watershed certainly sounds like an opportunity to conserve a huge swathe of wild land running the length of Scotland, and a superb and challenging backpacking route`.