Date set for the Launch of Nature`s Peace

The eagerly awaited third book in the series is due to be published on or about Friday 11th October. This will mark a big milestone in what has been an immense collaborative effort. Over fifty tallented and generous photogrpahers from all over Scotland, including the northern Isles, kindly provided the majority of the photographs which will appear on Nature`s Peace: The Watershed of Scotland - A Celebration.

It will of course very aptly appear within Year of Natural Scotland, but more especially, in preparation for the John Muir Centenary in 2014. What better way to acknowledge the great legacy which John Muir has left us to enjoy, than to celebrate the variety, and some of the best of the Scottish landscapes here in the country of his birth? The Watershed, created entirely by Nature, and shown to be notably wilder than much that accompanies it throughout it`s 1,200km meander the entire length of Scotland.

As increasing numbers of people get out to enjoy parts, or indeed, all of the Watershed, and to create their own photgraphic records of it, we are at the cusp of an entireley new-take on the Scottish landform. Most books and guides to our wilder areas start from the road-side, but experiencing the Watershed, is to enjoy Scotland from an ever elvated position, from the higher ground, and from a feature that Nature alone created.

Nature`s Peace will give the reader a new insight - Scotland as it has never (quite) been seen before.