Fourth Reprint of Ribbon of Wildness to Co-incide With John Muir Centenary

With stocks of Ribbon of Wildness fast running out, the fourth reprint is now well underway, to appear close to the time of the John Muir Festival in April. Some small, but critical additions are being made, to reflect recent developments, including references to:

  • the potential significance and interface with the Watershed, of the SNH Core Wild Land Areas consultation.
  • the John Muir Trust`s findings and mapping of the top 10% within the Wild Land Quality Index, and the high proportion of the Watershed which matches this.
  • the need to bring both Natura 2000 and Special Landscape Area (SLA) sites into the picture, when tracking the route of the Watershed.
  • the current three year strategy on National Park Development entitled `Unfinished Business` by the Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland (APRS) and the Scottish Campaign for National Parks (SCNP).

This will all be followed by the preparation and publication of a more comprehensive Second Edition of Ribbon of Wildness, at some time within the next year or so.