Full House at the Book Festival

A capacity audience was given the first public introduction to Ribbon of Wildness, at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on 25th August.

They were treated to a mix of readings, anecdote and a brief summary of some of the main themes running through the narrative of the book. Central to this was of course, the theme of continuous wildness, and the ways in which the evidence for this is presented. This involved a whistle-stop tour in which the meanings of hill and mountain names, literary references, the work of key conservation or environmental organisations on and about the Watershed, and the impressive list of designated areas, were all picked up upon. The human touch came in the author recounting some of his experience of practical matters on the walk itself, including kit, food, camping high, and the daily routine; just some of the factors that were central to the success of the venture.

The presentation ended on a more reflective note, with some observations on the immense potential of the Watershed landscape to aid people`s health and wellbeing; solitude with nature having a special spiritual dimension that we would all surely aspire to. The questions that followed showed that the audience had picked up on these and other inviting threads in the ribbon.

Although the book was unavailable due to delays at the printers, a number of folk queued to have some specially produced cards signed, and to chat about their affinity with the Ribbon of Wildness; an excellent response to a book which promises to be well received.