Heading for a Re-print

The first year of Ribbon of Wildness seems to have just flown by! And the level of sales in that time has certainly exceeded expectation. So it looks like it will come up for its first re-print later this year. The Author is naturally delighted with this outcome, and very much looks forward to it`s appearance from the printer towards the end of w/c 7th November. A great milestone.

Recent visits to a wide range of potential outlets is beginning to pay-off, and the book is therefore much more widely available throughout Scotland. Taking a pro-active approach to book suppliers like Bookspeed and Lomond Books seems to work too, and the aim is to get their reps more familiar with Ribbon of Wildness, and much of what it is about - what it has to offer the reader.

The Preface for the second print-run will provide an unambiguous position on wind farms on the horizon - on the Watershed, and the author hopes that this will help local groups in their campaigns to oppose such inappropriate developments. There are comments too in the text about recent re-stocking in some private commercial forests.