John Muir Trust takes a real liking to RoW.

The autumn issue of the John Muir Trust Journal contains an impressive three-page spread about Ribbon of Wildness. Written by Rory Syme, the Trust`s Press Officer, it is based on an interview with the author. The article picks up on the 64 day walking experience, and much of the evidence for continual wildness gathered along the way. It gives attention to the threats posed to these precious landscapes by wind farms, and some aspects of private commercial forestry. And it concludes in very positive tone, on the author`s hopes and aspirations for the future of the Watershed of Scotland. 

The article can be read on-line by visiting the JMT website.

The requests for illustrated talks to JMT member groups is ever growing: South West England, Scottish Borders, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. Turnout to those that have already taken pace has been impressive, to say the least.