Latest Review has Geographic Emphasis

It`s billed as `recommended reading` by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society in the Summer 2011 edition of `The Geographer`. This most welcome of reviews adds valuable recognition for one of the prime aims in Ribbon of Wildness - to define the Watershed in geographic terms. So the review clearly acknowledges this by saying: `Ribbon of Wildness gives a vivid introduction to this hithertoo largely unknown geographic feature, as the author discovers and walks the route, through rock, bog, forest, moor and mountain, describing the evolving kaleidoscope of changing visitas, wide panoramas, ever present wildlife, and the vagaries of the weather.`

Early research for the book quickly idntified a marked absense of any official or academic references to the Watershed in it`s entirety, and ommision from the Gazetteer of Scotland. Ribbon of Wildness has helped to put this right, and the recent deposit of a copy of the Watershed of Scotland map in the map-room of the National Library of Scotland further strengthens the need to put the right information into both the public domain, and National reference material.