The Linear Launch by Hill and Hall

Some of them set off by bike and boot the day before, in order to ensure that they were in place on time. Others ventured onto mooor and hill at crack of dawn. And so, on Sunday 5th Septembr, twelve small groups of intrepid supporters of Ribbon of Wildness made haste to their appointed hill and mountain tops, spread right along the Watershed of Scotland, from the English border to Duncansby Head.

Meanwhile, the main Council Chamber in Capital was made ready for the Edinburgh part of the event. Projector, microphone, displays, wine, lectern, and boxes of the book itself fresh from the printer, were all set out in preparation. Robin Harper MSP, who has written the foreward to the book, opened the proceedings, gave an enthusiastic welcome to the 75 or so people who had turned up for the occasion, and commented on the appealing and highly original persective on the Scottish landscape, which Ribbon of Wildness gives us. An excellent powerpoint took everyone on a vivid visual journey to the 12 key points on the Watershed, as one by one the phonelink brought the small groups on the hill into the event. This was intersperced with readings from the book by the author, and the occasional anecdote about his experiences on the walk. Finally, brandishing a copy, Peter Wright declared Ribbon of Wildness, Discovering the Watershed of Scotland, duly launched to what he said he hoped would be `an interested and inquisitive general public`.