Never In My Wildest Dreams

Every single year since it was first published Ribbon of Wildness: Discovering the Watershed of Scotland has needed a new print-run: 2015 continues this demand-driven pattern. Copies of the fifth print-run have now arrived from the warehouse, and will be available in book-outlets throughout the country in the very near future. 

Comments received from members of the audience at a recent event in Edinburgh gave clear evidence that a wide spectrum of people and interests are fascinated with the concept of Scotland`s Watershed. As a single geographic feature running the entire length of Scotland, and carrying such a distinctively continuous character, it seems to have captured many readers interest and imagination. The epic of `one man`s journey` has been seen to have great appeal.

As copies of the fifth print-run of his book start to appear on the shelves, author Peter Wright commented: "never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that this book would be in such continuous and popular demand almost six years after its initial appearance. I`m delighted that so many people like it, are captivated by the story, and are discovering something new about the Scottish landscapes. That a rank amateur like myself can add something original to the Gazetteer of Scotland is immensely rewarding: this book provides a new-take on our precious wilder landscapes."

As The Scotsman observed back in 2005: "no other journey can give so sublime a sense of unity - a feeling of how the Nation`s various landscapes are linked together to form a coherent whole". Fine words for a much appreciated book.