Book Launch with a Difference

Lots of people will eagerly forego their Sunday lunch in order to take part in the great Linear Launch of Ribbon of Wildness – Discovering the Watershed of Scotland. On Sunday 5th September, an enthusiastic audience is due to gather just after noon, in the very grand Council Chamber in the City of Edinburgh`s Royal Mile, to participate in this novel book launch.

They will be joined by upwards of a dozen small groups of intrepid supporters, who will be strategically placed on hill and mountain tops spread along the entire Watershed – from the border with England to Duncansby Head in the far northeast of Scotland. Using a phone-link, each of these groups will in turn phone in their best wishes for the book, and they will be invited to say something about the organisations they represent, and their connection with either the project of the author.

In addition to these supporter’s words of encouragement and goodwill, coming right from the Watershed, there will be the opportunity for those in the Council Chamber to discover more about the book, what inspired it, and where the project will hopefully go from here. There will be a number of short readings, and of course, a book signing by the author. The website will be available on-line, and a number of displays will illustrate the background to this original initiative. This great Linear Launch will, it anticipated, create a fine sense of occasion, and give the book an excellent send-off into the realms of the buying public.