`Not a One Man Band Show. . .`

Yes, the Watershed is catching - it is highly infectious. And the evidence for this is that a number of people have indicated that they have caught the bug in one way or another. So do listen-up for some interesting, inspiring stories over the next year or more.

Meantime though, there are three specific things that the eager and willing could do to help with promoting awareness of the Watershed and its` immense qualities.  

   Making Connections - through the development of the use of social networking site groups. Its become clear that many people have stories to tell, photos to post, and enthusiasms to share, around the theme of the Watershed of Scotland - based on their own experiences of parts of it, both small and large.

   Generating Involvement - through local events. Low tech and high on participation - many local organisations are on the lookout for new ideas, and the Watershed may just be in their backyard promising their own little share of the continuous wildness.

   Building Partnerships - amongst all of the national environmental organisations that have a direct interest in their part of the Watershed, the active local groups that do something positive in their patch, and the various Authorities that have a role to play. There`s a hugely worthwhile job to be done in pulling this all together, but it will take knowledge, tact, diplomacy and enthusiasm.

  Interested in Helping - do get in touch. There`s no money in it, but a wealth of potential satisfaction to be had.