Peter Wright makes it into the top 100.

Peter Wright finds himself amongst the many successes of the top 100 authors using Facebook during 2011. The `Inspiration` division of Brand Eleven Eleven is generated by the author Ron Knight using UPAUTHORS.COM"/ron-knights-top-100-authors-on-facebook", and has been tracking over 8,000 authors world-wide during the year - picking up in particular on their use of Facebook.

Peter has been placed 78 within this formidable global writing force.

Peter is naturally delighted with this accolade, and regards it as a wider recognition of the creative ways in which he is using Facebook to promote Ribbon of Wildness, and to initiate discussion about it on-line. His Friends of the Ribbon of Wildness page is the growing visible evidence of this, and is attracting valuable comment and reaction. He certainly sees this style and method continuing, both in relation to Ribbon of Wildness, and it`s successor which will appear in 2012, Walking with Wildness.

He says: "I was conscious of Ron Knight`s activity and interest, but this placing has come right out of the blue. It`s a great fillip to the positive ways I`ve been using Facebook in particular, and will act as a great encouragement to be as imaginative and proactive as possible in the future. It brings the efforts of 2011 to a really positive conclusion."