Photographers Wanted!

Sourcing all of the 170 - 180 images that are needed in order to do justice to the full spectrum of the Watershed, as it will be presented and celebrated in Nature`s Peace, provides budding photographers with a great opportunity to contribute to a book which will play a significant part in the John Muir Centenary. If you have a high res camera, really know how to use it, and can create dramatic images, this may be your chance to have something published.

The author has a Photography Locations schedule which is very specific for each of the 170+ images being sought. All are on and about the Watershed, the most comprehensive description of which can be found in Ribbon of Wildness (hard copy and Kindle). No fee or expenses are available, but already a number of highly talented photographers are demonstrating their goodwill, by donning their boots, and giving their cameras an outing.

To help keep photographers up to date on progress, a Dropbox facility has been set up, with the Photography Locations file accessible to all contributors

If have what it will take, please contact the author through this website.