Photography on the Watershed

Few people comment (or object) to too much sun on our mountains!
Earlier in the summer a Swiss mountain photographer, Christian Ruggaber started what he hopes will become a major project on the Watershed of Scotland. This year he focussed on Ben Lui, Ben Alder and Ben Attow areas of the Watershed. Next year, he plans to be back to tackle a more comprehensive exploration of this geographic feature.
Feedback from this year`s venture has been very positive. He loved the mountain terrain, the potential for his distinctive style and approach, and had nothing but good things to say about support that he received from estates at the three locations. Hence his intention to return next year. We look forward to seeing the images that he has been working on. You can visit his earlier work on .
His comment on too much sun related to one particular day on Ben Alder - too much for good photographic conditions, that is.