Popular Outdoors Writer Plans to `Walk the Watershed of Scotland`

Chris Townsend has a keen following for his regular slot in TGO, for his own books and articles on megga backpacking treks on this and other continents, for various broadcasts in the popular media on outdoor matters, and for the inspiration that this has all brought to many avid readers. So it comes as a great pleasure to read in the January issue of TGO, of his plans to walk the Watershed of Scotland in May and June 2013.

In the article, Chris rightly puts our own Watershed into the wider context of watersheds on other continents, and of the various great treks that he has undertaken on these and other big geographic features. He gives a glimpse into the ways in which other walkers and writers have influenced and inspired him over the years, and of the importance of the landscape along the way, as well as the journey. And he identifies the way in which discovering and reading Ribbon of Wildness prompted his desire for this this long walk here in Scotland.

Many keen walkers and outdoors types will be eager to follow this story as it unfolds, and to hear of his progress in both planning and carrying out the trek. http://www.christownsendoutdoors.com