Scotland`s Watershed Features on New Maps Website

Growing public interest in the Watershed of Scotland is being assisted in many different ways, and here in: it takes its place amongst a variety of novel maps on this new website. This innovative facility adds a valuable new dimesion to the ways in which people will discover something of the unique qualities of Scotland`s Watershed landscapes, and the challenges which the terrain presents.

2015 is going to see a number of events in which the `Ribbon of Wildness` will be prominent in the public eye. It marks a decade since the author started on his journey, in walking and writing about the Watershed of Scotland. The Watershed Scotland Runners team will do just that: run the entire Watershed in the summer. And the author is currently working on the research for a 2nd Edition of Ribbon of Wildness: Discovering the Watershed of Scotland, with target for publication in the Autumn.

These are the big milestone, but there will be a number of other ways in which this great geographic feature in our landscapes will be lauded and celebrated.

Brilliant Maps sets the scene well, for a great year.