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Nature`s Peace: A Celebration of Scotland`s Watershed

"Nature`s Peace takes the reader on an original and spectacular visual journey along Scotland`s little-publicised spine, presenting a full colour portrait of the breathtaking landscapes of the Scottish Watershed."


What others have said:

`truly an inspiration, can’t wait for the book to arrive` - Clint, West Lothian

`a fascinating book` - Chris Townsend

`a remarkable, incredible journey, which others will most surely want to tackle` - STV, The Hour

`. . it weaves together all the social, cultural, environmental, historical and geographic information – quite an undertaking in itself, along with the author’s own experience on that epic hike`. David, Canada.

`. . plenty of vivid descriptive passages, and some entertaining snippets of natural and social history.` The Scotsman

`No other journey through Scotland can give so sublime a sense of unity – a feeling of how the Nation’s various different landscapes link together to form a coherent whole`. The Scotsman

The book is dedicated to mark the centenary of John Muir`s death in 2014 - `Its hard to imagine a more fitting tribute`. The Scotsman

`There is nothing showy or brash about it, just a gentle reminder of (the author’s) on-going love affair with the landscape of Scotland`

` . . he breathes added life into these peaks and moors. The Watershed almost seems to take on human attributes, as it makes its way north-east. In return, Nature is shown to offer us the seeds of potential fulfillment, in a lovely two-way engagement`.

` . . in the chatty style, there is a delicacy of touch, and a lyricism of expression.` - Barbara, Dublin.

`I`ve not enjoyed an outdoors book as much as Ribbon of Wildness for many years . . . an epic idea and walk, and a beautifully written book . . . which treads so lightly`. - J.B Lancashire

`a very engaging description of the route, and I’m just amazed at the quantity and quality of detailed information collected and woven into the narrative` - Cliff, Edinburgh.

` the Watershed is visionary – a lovely concept`. Liz, Shrewsbury.

`I`m just amazed at the quality and quantity of detailed information collected and woven into the narrative`. - CS Edinburgh.

` . . plenty of vivid descriptive passages, and some entertaining snippets of natural and social history`. The Scotsman

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And the Author says . . .

`Ribbon of Wildness` is fast capturing many people`s interest and imagination. It will make a superb Christmas present – very enjoyable reading, and something to covet, for all who are passionate about Scotland`s landscapes and wild places.`

Published by Luath Press