Spectacular Visual and Virtual Journey Starts on the Border

Over the Summer period both Twitter and Facebook will be creatively used to present a spectacular 100 day journey along the entire Watershed of Scotland. Every day, a new photo will be posted which will build a visual account of this Ribbon of Wildness. Presenting Scotland as you have never quite seen it before, this is a most original gallery, and will surely delight all those who love the wilder landscapes of Scotland.

The Twitter address is @RibbonofWildnes , and those visiting it are cordially invited to re-tweet and favorite the posts in order to widen the reach as much as possible. The facebook posts will be on the Friends of the Ribbon of Wildness page, and again, this comes with an appeal that those accessing it should both like the page, and liberally share the posts with their own friends.

This is a great, a unique journey, and it sits perfectly with the books in the Ribbon of Wildness Trilogy.