The Trust

Ribbon of Wildness - the environmental gem; Ribbon of Wildness the book - an essential publication for awareness raising and appreciation; Ribbonofwildness the website - a vital tool for promotion; and finally, Ribbon of Wildness the charitable trust – this is the next goal.  Although almost 30 per cent of the Watershed is designated and protected in some way, and although every major national conservation or biodiversity agency plays an active, if unconnected part, a radical and ambitious new initiative is called for to realise the very worthwhile objective of making a permanent mark.  The current economic climate may not lend itself to ambitious new initiatives, but vision is surely called for. The simple recognition and enjoyment of the Watershed `for what it is` will inspire, and promote well-being; it will lift the spirit in a new way. What better call to action therefore, because goodwill and generosity of spirit come free, and in time, will attract the necessary fiscal support?

There are a number of ways in which those who are interested and wish to commit to it can get involved voluntarily, including:

  1. March Wardens:
    • One for each of the five Marches.
    • Ideally living in the general area.
    • Must be fit and active.
    • Walk the March and get to know it intimately.
    • Identify landowners, issues, land use, threats, etc.
    • Create local partnerships.
  2. Secretary:
    • Develop organisational infrastructure for a Trust.
    • Develop contacts database.
    • Help organise annual meeting of March Wardens and other volunteers
    • Research and record keeping.
    • Funding investigation for the Trust.
    • Work closely with the author.
  3. Communication – with National Biodiversity Organisations (NBO`s)
    • Develop key contact in all NBO`s
    • Represent Ribbon of Wildness interests.
  4. Events:
    • Organise one event each year to promote the Trust and its work.
    • Develop and maintain Flickr photo gallery.
  5. Develop `community of interest`:
    • Work with the March Wardens to create a list of key local organisations.
    • Raise awareness within them of the Watershed.
    • Promote a common, or community of interest.

Please note that in the first instance there is no insurance cover or facility for paying expenses.