Unsolicited Feedback

From the Corstorphine Literary and Geographical Society - first installment:

"Dear Mr Wright,

It was a pleasure to welcome you to the `Lit` on Monday evening, and I would like to thank you very much for giving us such an interesting and informative talk on the "Ribbon of Wildness". Your superb photography made us feel we were actualy there with you. The landscape of Scotland is wonderful. I am sure you will be kept very busy giving your presentation to groups, and I will recommend it to others. If you ever have another talk (in the area), I would be pleased to hear about it.

Again my thanks,

Yours sincerely,


second instalment to follow . . .

And here it is:

Yes, that was a great bit of feedback from this organisation that is only 133 years young, and clocked up a most impressive turnout of 118 to hear my presentation. The reception and response was, as ever, first rate; and if the questions at the end were anything to go by, it kindled a lot of interest. The green ink signing pen needed a re-fill after a nice flurry of sales.