Windfarms on the Watershed

Picking up on the comments made in the second and subsequent print-runs of Ribbon of Wildness on the subject of Windfarms on the Watershed, a growing file on the subject is now being collated. Any contributions of information about these, at whatever stage of development or construction, would be much appreciated.

The picture, below, shows an innocuous enough device on the moor. But do not be deceived, because a tall thin mast soars skywards from it, which is loaded with various wind-speed testing gadgets, and it will almost herald the submission of a planning application for a windfarm on the site. From this, there will be promises of a bounty to buy-off opposition from the local community.

Contruction of a windfarm - destruction of a landscape!

Regular posts on the subject will appear in both the Ribbon of Wildness group, anf Friends of the Ribbon of Wildness page on: