The Write Stuff

‚ÄčThe journey, from leaving school at the age of fourteen all those years ago to published author is a biographical tale that would almost merit a whole book in itself, and for that purpose alone. But this blog will bypass most of milestones and chapters of that personal epic, and just pick-up around the time when the possibility of turning to writing somehow came into sight. They say that `you should write about what you know about`, so I ventured into the one thing about which I may know rather more than most: the Watershed of Scotland. Safe territory. 

The sine qua non of this was of course to walk the whole line and landscapes of the Watershed first. So I did just that, from south to north, in the hope that the prevailing winds would favour me. Throughout much of the sixty four days, these winds were generous. One of the outstanding characteristics of such a long solo venture, was time to think; to experience the landscapes as they rolled by, and to ponder. Well what does it all add up to, was the compelling question, that accompanied my footfall. I`m not in any way an unsociable sort of chap, but a solo encounter with this vast slice of the landscape, was profound. Conclusion: it adds up to something way beyond just length, distance traveled and height climbed.

Which brings me back to writing about a subject in which I`ve accumulated a bit of expertise. Four published books is a rich harvest from all that walking and solo pondering. Quite a journey.